Unrelinquished. Undeterred. And unified to rebuild the Hawaiian Nation.

Aloha and Mahalo for visiting the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission’s website. Since re-opening the official Roll on March 17, 2014, more than 125,631 Native Hawaiians have signed-up. As of May 1, the Roll is closed. Over the coming days, the number of sign-ups will rise as paper applications received before the registration deadline are entered into the Roll. Please check back as the numbers will rise. If you have not yet sent in documents or information to confirm your ancestry, please do so as soon as possible by going to your dashboard.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is moving forward to support nation building. OHA is actively working to bring Native Hawaiians together to make important decisions regarding the future of the Native Hawaiian people. For more information, you may go to www.oha.org/nationbuilding.